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Mika Toilet Bag
Mika Toilet Bag

Mika Toilet Bag

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Mika Toilet Bagy by Suedebird 

Having a trusty wash bag with all your toiletries ready to go is a vital part of being prepared for a weekend break, and not ending up stranded in Stockholm without a toothbrush.  


  • Black canvas, black leather
  • 22cmW x 12cmH x 0,7cmD
  • 252 gram
  • Leather in bottom
  • One interior pocket in mesh
  • Embossed leather logo
  • Smoked silver hardware
  • Fully lined


Care instructions

The wax will rise to the surface with use and handling, creating streaks and shade variations that will accumulate and create a look specific to each piece. Most owners appreciate and enjoy this feature of waxed canvas, but marks can be minimized by applying medium heat from a hair dryer to soften the wax so that it sinks back into the canvas.


Enjoy your trip!