Discover ALIKA + Bread & Boxers

ALIKA + Bread & Boxers

Bread & Boxers want simpler, better alternatives for everyday basics.

Being serious about the everyday routine, they think getting great underwear should be as simple as picking up the morning bread. Bread and Boxers truly believes that the things we wear every day matter more than the things we wear only once in a while.

Bread & Boxers started as an extension of the mini bar, a life saver for light travelers, or if you will, room service at its best. Our first collection of underwear favorites, including boxer briefs and socks, were at first only available in hotel rooms. But soon hotel guests came back with inquires on where to buy their new favorite underwear a bit closer to home. Since 2011, an extended collection of everyday basics can be found in selected stores throughout Europe, USA and Asia.


Bread and Boxers x Alika 
For work we were traveling in Scandinavia and in one of the hotels we could experience the Bread and Boxers product. Sold immediately!